The READY! MODEL 100 is a portable computer kit you build yourself!

Turn any single board computer (raspberry pi or a powerful x86 SBC in NUC 4×4 etc.) into a fully functional portable modular battery powered system that is all yours.

Designed for maximum customization, upgradability, and built to last!

It can do anything your laptop can do.. and more!

Think of the READY! MODEL 100 as an investment that you will be able to upgrade to meet your computing needs for years to come


– 1920×480 “3xVGA” touch screen functions as first or second display when used with any HDMI monitors
– RGB Keyboard allows custom hotkey functions to be identified by any colour
– Mechanical keyswitch PCB allows for any Cherry MX compatible keyswitches (Blue, Red, etc) for your typing preference!
– Option to use 12v SBC computers allow for multi-core gaming laptop performance gaming or MS Office or Adobe Cloud use.
– Built in 10w stereo speakers are perfect for enjoying music


Let the READY! Model 100 join the band! It’s The ultimate musician’s tool! Use the READY 100 to compose, perform and record – all at the same time!
– 1920×480 “3xVGA” touch screen ultrawide LCD as a GRAPHIC EQUALIZER, VU METER, SPECTRUM ANALYZER and more!
– programmable LED Keyboard allow you to customize each individual keyboard key colours for custom input and control schemes
– Built in speaker 10w speaker system makes it a perfect stereo
– LMMS Compatible – Control MIDI devices
– Use as a Software:
– MIDI Synthesizer
– Drum Machine
– MIDI Sequencer
– Digital Effects unit
– Multi Input Audio Recorder
– 12 Universal D-Panel mounts let you use anything from 1/4″ to XLR to RCA connections
– Add a large solid state harddrive for massive file storage
– Durable Aluminum case includes guitar-strap compatible strap locks.


Lightweight and durable, the ultimate portable data terminal or desktop workstation
– Use any SBC 5v or x86 compatible 12v systems
– Operating System independent or use our Open Source READY! OS (Debian Linux Repository)
– 4 SMA ports + Ethernet + RS-232 Serial ports allow for all kinds of device communications
– A Mechanical 64% keyboard with full size Cherry MX compatible keyswitches makes working the command line a breeze!
– 1920×480 IPS 8.8″ LCD Touchscreen can be primary or secondary display with HDMI connection


The ultimate portable radio enclosure
– The perfect lightweight aluminum enclosure for SBC computers using SDR boards like HackRF or LimeSDR.
– 4 SMA Antenna couplers allow you to create the ultimate communications device with high gain antennas
– Amazing 8.8″ 1920×480 IPS HDMI LCD touch screen panel makes a perfect radio waterfall display
– 64 key programmable individually lit LED mechanical keyswitch keyboard for communications and hotkey control
– 12 D-Panel mount adapters allow for any audio or data connection including RS-232
– Built in Stereo 5w+5w stereo speaker system to listen to stations
– Spacious case can accomodate very large capacity batteries for remote portable operation


– The ultimate DIY Single-Board-Computer expansion system kit
– Durable Aluminum case designed to last for years
– upgradable for years to come!
– Spacious case accommodates your custom circuit boards, large capacity battery or storage devices.
– 4 SMA antenna ports allow for high gain antennas

READY! and keyboard
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READY! Computer Corp. has been designing and perfecting the MODEL 100 – MARK I custom PCBs for months and it’s better than we planned!

Keyboard PCB
READY! MODEL 100 – MARK I RGB Mechanical Keyboard Module
LCD board
READY! MODEL 100 – MARK I IPS Multitouch Ultrawide LCD
READY! MODEL 100 – MARK I Neodymium All-Range Waterproof 5W 8ohm Speaker
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