READY!NEO Power Management System


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READY!NEO 5v/12v 40w Power/Battery/Audio Amplifier System – 2 PCB stacked set

UPDATE: APR 2022 – SHIPPING DATE ESTIMATED JUNE 2022. We apologize for the delay. 

  • 3 USB-C 5v power lines at 3a each (up to 15w each line)
  • 1 Barrel connector power line 12v @ 2.5a
  • Uses superior grade Texas Instruments integrated circuit chips – now “unobtainium” until 2023!
  • Features “Raspberry Pi” Mounting holes – m2.5 screws with 85mmx49mm layout.
  • 24v power input (low current = less heat and stress) with 24v 2a power supply
  • 14v lithium battery compatible (2s, 3s, li-ion and li-po battery support + double pack option!)
  • Each power line has a jumper to allow on/off switches for your devices
  • I2C connectivity to pass battery status information to your SBC!
  • external 18650 Lithium Ion 4 cell (14v) battery holder (a second pack can be added for double capacity!)
  • 12v 5w+5w analog stereo genuine STmicroelectronics amplifier system designed to be highly noise isolated and designed for lithium battery operation, analogue input and our hi-fi neodymium speakers
Limited MODEL 100 stock available from soon-shipping 1st batch

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