The READY! MODEL 100 is a cutting edge collection of various technologies. That said, our products are meant for hobbyist use and have not been formally submitted for safety testing as a whole.

READY! Computer Corp. has used only genuine integrated circuit chips produced by professional and renowned fabrication companies and facilities. We produce our boards with an established and reputable PCB fabrication company.

Our power supplies are sourced from companies which have submitted their products for testing.

While READY! Computer Corp. feels confident in the quality and safety of our boards, we remind you we cannot guarantee your safety due to the nature of our product. What do we mean by this? Simply put, our product is a kit and does not function entirely on its own – it requires the supplemental addition of a single board computer, lithium batteries, and offers the end user an infinite number of combinations of cabling, wiring, and power that READY! Computer Corporation has no possibility of testing due to lack of control. We cannot test for even a fraction of the conceivable use case scenarios that users of the system may produce – as such we cannot guarantee your safety while using any READY! Computer Corp. products.

All products are sold AS-IS but we guarantee the functionality of our products. Please see our return policy for more details on product exchange due to manufacturer error.

By purchasing from READY! Computer Corporation, you agree to grant READY! Computer Corporation an unlimited and uncontestable waiver of any and all liabilities for any reason including negligence regarding potential, direct, or indirect: damages, injury or loss of property or goods while using READY! Computer Corporation products.

If you do not or cannot agree, please do not purchase from READY! nor use its products for any reason.

All products should be used by adults of the legal age of majority. Use by minors under adult supervision is strongly recommended.

Limited MODEL 100 stock available from soon-shipping 1st batch

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