MODEL 100 Accessory Kit


The accessory kit as offered in our recent survey. Items made to perfect and improve your use of the READY! MODEL 100. Help enhance, expand and accessorize with these custom made accessories!



2 screen protectors
6 Additional Keystone Adapters
– Includes 6 dtype-keystone adapters + Choose six couplers (HDMI, USB3 A, USB3 C, RCA, RJ45, RJ11, Coaxial, 2.5mm stereo, barrel connector (power))
1 READY! “Perfect-height” wrist rest
1 READY! branded carrying strap
1 spare hardware pack
1 (spare or secondary) 4 cell 18650 Battery holder – Special PCB custom made for READY!NEO Power Management System
1 (larger cell) 21700 4 cell battery holder
1 quad lock power switch in D-type connector
– READY!NEO Power Management’s Best friend! Add a power switch for each component!
1 Key’d switch – protect your R!100 with lock and key!
1 micro-fan dtype module – keep your R!100 cool!

Additional information

Weight .499 kg
Limited MODEL 100 stock available from soon-shipping 1st batch

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