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These are addons for the READY! 100 you can supplement your system with to expand your capabilities! Anything from music production, radio operators, gamers and more can find an addon that will meet your needs!

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Additional information


MIDI USB adapter
MIDI couplers
wiring, etc.

Ham Radio

RTL-SDR receiver
UHF/VHF antenna kit
RS-232 USB dongle
couplers, wires, etcs


8gb Raspberry Pi compatible SBC

External Gaming Card Riser

Great for DLX or x86 users with m.2 slot. Lets you use PC graphics card on your READY! 100. Requires additional power supply for GPU. Not compatble with Raspberry Pi boards.

Extra 1920x480 LCD

Get a backup LCD touchscreen with HDMI input and USB power. Never know when you need a spare ;)

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